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Manuscript Consults and Coaching

After years of teaching, coaching, writing, and leading critique groups, I am offering one-on-one manuscript consultations and coaching sessions. I am uniquely qualified to work with you on your manuscript after attending leading workshops in the country. These include Bread Loaf as a Fiction Scholar and several juried workshops at Lighthouse Writers. Along with my writing and publishing experience, I have spent my career in coaching and will approach you with empathy, compassion, support, and dedication.


Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation!

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Manuscript Consultations

Do you have a full-length or partial manuscript written that you have revised on your own and you now crave an outside audience?


Have you begun sending out queries and gotten no answers or some interest but ultimately a pass on your work?


Are you looking for direction or vision with your manuscript?


I am delighted to read your novel, memoir, or story collection!!

What You'll Get:

  • a developmental edit where I will focus on characters, plot, pacing, voice, style, and other overall elements of your story

  • a multi-page letter detailing the edits that will make your manuscript the book you've always hoped to write

  • constructive in-line comments

  • an hour long phone or virtual conversation about your work

Writing Coaching

Are you starting a new writing project and looking for support, ideas, or a brainstorming partner?


Are you new to writing and searching for your voice, direction, or vision?


Do you need support with creating a writing practice, goal-setting, or moving past writer's block?

Do you want to discuss revisions for an ongoing project?

Do you need support in finding an agent, an independent publisher, or in crafting an attention-getting query?

Coaching services are weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your need and can be combined with manuscript editing. 

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"I love sharing my work with Carrie. Not only does she get through my material lightning fast, she's extremely thoughtful in her feedback. There's a particular section of a short story that was vastly improved by a single piece of her feedback. Carrie has a voracious appetite for reading. She is a disciplined writer and a loving and kind person - I deeply respect her opinion and feel fortunate to be able to work with her."

- Denise Soler-Cox, Author & Award-Winning Filmmaker

"Carrie Esposito provides the highest quality editing, from detailed in line comments to big picture analysis. Her thoughtful feedback was crucial in helping me pull together my manuscript prior to submission."

- Johanna Garton, Author 

"Carrie always picks up on nuances and provides insights that I didn't see. She dives into my stories and characters, giving constructive feedback that I need to take my writing to the next level."

— Hannah Shield, Romance Writer

"In the many years that Carrie and I have worked together as part of the same writers' group, she has read more pages of mine than I can count, and has offered me insights that have been just what I needed to rethink some aspect of the work in order to push it forward. Carrie brings years of experience in some of the country's top writing programs, a wide-ranging breadth of reading in contemporary fiction, and a deep commitment to truly engaging with where a piece of writing is at the given moment."

— Carolyn Wilson-Scott, Writer & Editor of Oyster River Pages

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